home misses you too

the sun stalks

dwindled conversations

words stretched thin with gaps

within which mould grows

it’s daytime here

not where you are right now

sunlight illuminates

but when you come back to me

i will be the brightest star

once again





we are creatures of social comparison

struggles against your body that holds mine

i am furious

crumpled by the weight of discomfort

shhh you try

petting my hair

you’re bleeding

as i am

we see our shed blood

you think yours is thicker

but i think mine is

the sadness is born in the body;

it cannot be uprooted.

it’s not a seed that got buried in dirt and grew,

it’s malignant cells in the innards.

it lives as i do.

do you understand me better now?

because it seems as if humans do not empathize with anything as well as they do with death.